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Hi, I'm Tom

Welcome to my website!

This small parcel of the internet is a place for me to share my experiences, both personal and professional, with anyone who cares to read about them.

Most of the content revolves around articles I post in my blog, which are typically focused on software development, but may also include random topics of personal interest which casual visitors may find useful or interesting.

Professionally, I'm a software developer based from home in Staffordshire, England, working remotely full-time for a small Sheffield-based digital agency who like to work with clients in industries within the "tech-for-good" space. These clients typically include local schools, environmental concerns, charities, and government services.

My experience revolves mainly around the C#, .NET and SQL Server ecosystems, however I also do a lot of work with React and Node.js, and work quite extensively with various cloud services provided by AWS, and to a lesser extent, Azure.

I also run my own limited company, Majestic Digital, working as a freelance consultant and software developer. If you, or anyone you know would like to discuss building a new website or software platform, please get in touch with me by email at, or have a browse of my website at for more info.

Site structure

The main parts of this website consist of:

Blog - This is where I'll publish articles, usually about software development. The articles themselves typically start life as a bulleted reminder to myself, summarising how to create a solution I've worked on, or replicate an issue I've encountered. The articles then get fleshed out with proper content, imagery and code snippets in the hope that my experiences will help future developers.

Snippets - A slimline version of a blog article - these posts are generally born from me realising that I've searched online for similar solutions to my current problem multiple times before, therefore, these offer a reminder to myself, or help illustrate a principle or workaround to common problems.

Tools - I regularly make use of a variety of simple tools when developing and writing, including things like GUID generators, encoders and word counters, and I realised that every time I needed one I'd just perform a Google search and pick the first result. I decided it'd be easier if they were all just in one place, so I coded a few simple imitations and added them to my website for anyone to use.

I've also included a list of various Resources from around the web which I've found useful over the course of my career.


I hope that you, my visitors, find the content on this website useful and informative. I'm always learning, and if you have anything you'd like to suggest, whether it relates to the UI, UX, or content, or if you find anything amiss which needs correcting or updating, I welcome any and all comments and feedback. You can get in touch with me by email at

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